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Location: We are located at 561B St. Anne's Road, Winnipeg Manitoba. (the south-east corner of St. Anne's and Bishop Grandin)


The Music Cellar has six fully-equipped studios, designed to provide a high quality of instruction in drums, guitar, keyboard/piano and bass. Instruments are maintained in excellent condition and each studio has a stereo to use for listening activities. There are televisions available to view DVD’s, as well as video and audio recording equipment.


Throughout our many years of operation, we have collected a huge assortment of reference material. We have music books related to many different styles of music, and a vast supply of CD’s, DVD’s, and magazines.

Our teachers have collaborated on the writing of literally hundreds of charts, which are stored and available to share with our students.



By phone at 253-5170 or

By email at www.themusic@mymts.net